Booyaka! Chet Hanks brushes up on more Jamaican patois

Chet Hanks is not letting up on the patois! (Photo: Instagram @chetanks)

BUZZ fam, do we give him a pass yet?

American actor Chet Hanks continues to channel his inner-Jamaican as another hilarious video of him speaking in patois is making the rounds on social media.

Chet, who posted a video exiting a smoothie bar in Los Angeles on Monday (Jan. 6), hailed Kingston, Jamaica and said that he isn’t bothered by people confused by his accent.

“Big up di yute dem way outta Kingston. Mi wake up dis mawnin an mi see di ting tun up!” he exclaimed.

“Internet gone mad, respect! Yuh done know,” Chet continued.

In his own words, the young Hanks promised that he’d be back “home” soon ending his second video with booyaka, an onomatopoeic expression used to imitate the sound of a gunshot.

Check out the video below:

Well, BUZZ fam, does Chet get his honorary Jamaican citizenship yet or does he need to work on the patwah a likkle more?

Chet made headlines on Sunday after an impromptu video of his accent began trending at the red carpet of the 77th Golden Globe awards.

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