Bored? No problem… Strictly 2K found the remedy

These patrons made the most of a recent staging of Strictly 2k.

As many try to cope with social distancing and the ban on events, several promoters and entertainers have been stepping in to fill the entertainment void.

The promoters of Strictly 2K stepped up to the plate on Tuesday night with ‘TBT’. It is an online party that was held from 9 p.m. to midnight featuring top selectors like ZJ Chrome, Heavy D and DJ Mario.  

“We were trending worldwide – number one in USA and Canada.”

— Konteh

“Our next staging is May 29th and with a ban on social gathering and events, we wanted to find a way how we can reach out to our patrons, and this was a way to keep the party alive,” said IB Konteh, one of the Strictly 2K promoters.

Trending worldwide

The event was trending on Twitter, and there were persons tuning in from six countries.

“Outstanding! We were trending worldwide – number one in USA and Canada. Over 51,000 persons tuned in,” Konteh said.

You are sure to see people dancing at Strictly 2K.

“We will definitely do one more before our next staging. Persons are asking for it to be even next week again, but for now, we’re only looking at one more.”

While TBT did well, there is some uncertainty surrounding the next scheduled staging of Strictly 2K on May 29. Konteh is optimistic but also cognizant of the realities surrounding the novel coronavirus.

He also noted that the impact of COVID-19 on the entertainment industry has been massive.  

“All our sponsors have paused committing to come on board and all suppliers are edgy,” Konteh said. “I’ve had two other events I had to postpone, but this is for the greater good, so no complaints as safety comes first. I, however, would be lying if I said this was an easy period for us and the wider entertainment industry.”