Bounty Killer, Cham decry ‘inhumane treatment’ after houses destroyed in Innswood Estate

Some dancehall artistes have hit out at what they call inhumane treatment after a number of people were left homeless after their homes were demolished on Saturday.

A furious Bounty Killer added his thoughts to the destruction of homes, allegedly by a State-owned company, to social media.

Bounty Killer, Cham and Tony Matterhorn are among those who have decried the treatment meted out to a group of 15 families which saw their houses at Innswood Estate in St Catherine destroyed allegedly on the instruction of a State-owned management company.

The ‘Poor People Governor’ Bounty Killer had a stinging response to the matter as he shared a snippet of a video with affected people to his Instagram page. “The Poor People Fed Up & Tired A Di F–kery!!” he wrote.

A more diplomatic Cham added to the uproar, sharing,”Andrew Holness these are the things we need you to STAND UP STRONG against for the PEOPLE!! No one deserves this type of treatment or living conditions in 2021. We CAN DO BETTER!!” he remarked on social media.

Dancehall selector-turned-artiste Tony Matterhorn was also upset and vented his anger at the situation. “All who carried out this wickedness you wake up this morning and forget what u did this family but member y’all gonna get urs soon. GOD NAH SLEEP YU HEAR DAT. No government ain’t good if ur citizens aren’t good so fix things fast. OUT OF MANY ONE PEOPLE” he also wrote on Instagram.