Bounty Killer feels vindicated after calling Popcaan ‘new face of dancehall’

Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer feels vindicated for saying Popcaan is the new face of dancehall after many were left upset with his claim.

Bounty Killer is feeling good today after seeing his prediction that Popcaan would become the new face of dancehall validated.

Popcaan received two plaques from Billboard for his musical efforts and took to Instagram to share his achievements yesterday, November 21.

The ‘Unruly Boss’ was shown unwrapping the glitzy awards with friend Dane Ray, while his 2010 song Dream played in the background.

The feat did not go unnoticed by dancehall’s ‘war lord’ Bounty Killer who reshared the post along with his own message.

Killer said, “Congratulations work a put in salute yute last year l made a post saying Popcaan was dancehall new face some ppl disagreed ✅””

The plaques were the latest feather in Popcaan’s cap as the artiste, who dropped his Fixtape album this past summer, was recently featured on ‘rapper of the year’ Megan Thee Stallion’s new album on the track Intercourse.

He’s also had recent collaborations with Drake, Maroon 5, Wiz Khalifa and French Montana.