Bounty Killer for Prime Minister?

Dancehall artiste, Bounty Killer

It’s obviously too late now for dancehall artiste, Bounty Killer to get his name on a ballot for this Jamaican election season, but who knows? Maybe when the next elections come around, the ‘Poor People Governor’ will be running.

Bounty Killer has always been very vocal about issues affecting the poorer classes in Jamaica, evidence in his 1996 hit, Fed Up. But it looks like he now wants to do more than just sing about them, he also wants to change them.

In video clips posted on his Instagram, he endorses the idea of him contesting in an election.

“Bounty Killer, the self-styled ‘Poor People Governor want to force the hands of the politicians, both JLP and PNP to bring about a change right away or else he will start his own party,” an ‘anchor’ reads on a newscast.

The video, what looks like an intro to a song, has been fully supported by Bounty Killer fans in the comments section.

For one fan, if Bounty Killer runs in any election, he would have finally gotten a reason to vote. “PPP ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 change is necessary for the betterment of the people, this would be my 1st time ever to dip my finger in the ink🙌🙌.”

“Poor ppl governor would surely be a betta advocate and vindicator than any of those in the position,would definitely give me a reason to vote.on the real tho drop da 1 ya mek wi get it,” another person commented.

And after being very vocal in his stance against dancehall artiste doing dubs for political campaigns, Bounty Killer finally did his dub, titled “The System Slimey and Grimy”

In the one minute dub, the Warlord contends that both political parties have not been doing enough to help the poor people of Jamaica.

“Bag a dulcemena story nah bring poor people no progress/The system a move slimey, some a di law weh dem a mek a who design it?” he sings.

“Dem wa fi sell out Jamaica to the Chiney, Petrojam money nobody can’t find it / yo uno tell me the youth dem get grimy/ dem wa fi blame dancehall and wa spite we dem a do the things fi upset the almighty.”

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The System Slimey and Grimy

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The video has been viewed almost 50,000 times, and according to some of his fans, Bounty Killer only needs to say when he’s running.

“If you ran for any elected official positions I will fly down to Jamaica and become a resident just to vote for you,” one person commented.