Bounty Killer helps 17-year-old to build house

Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer (left) with teenager Ashley Watson (centre)

The ‘Poor People Governor’ Bounty Killer was in St Benedict’s Heights, St Andrew recently helping 17-year-old resident Ashley Watson complete construction of a bedroom at the premises where she resides.

The veteran dancehall artiste provided Watson with $100,000 and material needed to complete the bedroom.

“I wish you all the best and keep trying in these hard times.  Just keep your head up… Yuh pass di worst enuh,” Bounty told Watson.

The youngster couldn’t hold back tears, and expressed her thanks to Bounty Killer and his foundation.

“I would love to express my deep gratitude to the donors for this tremendous support.  I just want to say a big thank you. I am honored and grateful.”

Bounty Killer, for his part explained that that was why he started his foundation, to help people like Watson.

“This is the thing that Bounty Foundation does.  We collaborate as well, as we know there is a lot of needs in this country, and Bounty Foundation is young; it’s just started; we can’t take on everything.  But, this is what we plan to take on right now. Ashley and her little one room…so we decided we are gonna give her $100,000,” he explained.