Bounty Killer lashes out against scammers

Dancehall artiste, Bounty Killer

Dancehall artiste, Bounty Killer is known for many things, but mincing his words is not one of them. In an expletive laced rant on Instagram recently, the Warlord made scammers know exactly what he thought of them and their lifestyle.

“Di yute dem nowadays dem naw tink di right way.  Jamaican yute dem, a short-cut dem a deal wid.  Nuh man nuh waa work. Nowadays a man tink seh a nine-to-five a eediat ting… every man a talk bout banga phone and scamming and ray-ray,” he said.

The Deejay who recently celebrated his 48th birthday pointed out that scamming is a sure way to a short life.

“Show mi one a di scamma dem weh deh yah fi 10 year and happy,” he said.

He said the get rich quick mentality that scammers have is to their own detriment.

“Eat a food an laugh and talk and hol a hype and two day yuh nuh si dem.     Weh him business deh? A which house him have up a Norbrook and Cherry Gardens, an si dung pon him verandah an nobaddy naw look fi him?  Weh him deh?  A dat dem naa tink bout,” he said.

Bounty Killer also directed some of his angst at people who were trying to assume the role of community dons.

“A man fi know, nuh don nuh inna di country again enuh.  Di last don weh did deh yah name Dudus, alright?   An dem transfer him.  Don business shut off, OK?” he said.