Bounty Killer mocks Alkaline’s BRT performance

Bounty Killer is not an Alkaline fan, and Alkaline’s recent performance at the BRT  Weekend’s Glow Eruption in New Jersey on Sunday (July 11) gave him even more reason not to be.

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Although the ‘Vendetta’ boss has trumped out numerous hits, when it comes to performing them, well, things can get a little cringy. And Bounty Killer, wasted no time in pointed that out.

The ‘Poor People’s Governor’ reposted a video on his Instagram of fellow dancehall artiste Dexta Daps performing at the event. He used the post to praise Dexta Daps for his performance while making a snide remark towards Alkaline.

“Took it all way di man use one night tek a whole weekend nobody else did deh pon di show real super star with practical and tactical stage skills🤔,” he wrote.

Bounty Killer’s commentary gave his fans the permission they needed to join in on jeering Alkaline.

“Kaboom mi general mi ear one man performance cum like rehearsal,” one wrote.

“I saw an alkaline performance this weekend. The worst thing I’ve ever experienced,” another added.

“As a artist mi pray to God and say lord hear my cry please just let me be a better performing artist than alkaline 🤣🤣🤣 that’s all.. amen 🤣,” someone joked.

But not everyone was feeling Bounty Killer’s mockery of the younger deejay, and they voiced their opinions too.

“S**k you mada kill mak the young youth do him thing,” one wrote.

But Bounty Killer was quick on it, and was in the comment responding.

“To this, Bounty responded, “We diss anybody any smaddy any fish eye fish brain or fish guts roun here bad we bad no more explanation dem f*ck wid warlord dem affi live it now.”