Bounty Killer: ‘Nothing name trap dancehall’

Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer
Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer

Veteran dancehall artiste Bounty Killer is not one to mince words, so it is not surprising when he decided to join the discussion around ‘trap dancehall’.

The entertainer was clear and direct when he spoke about the matter on Winford Williams’ Onstage last Saturday.

“Nothing name trap dancehall. Trap music is trap music, and dancehall is dancehall. So, you can’t take two genres and make one,” he said.

Bounty even referred to when persons tried to combine reggae and soca to make ‘soggae’.

Bounty Killer insists there is no such thing as 'trap dancehall'.
Bounty Killer insists there is no such thing as ‘trap dancehall’.

“You can’t have medley music. You couldn’t have rap trap, so how you have dancehall trap? That is like stealing people music to make one,” he said.

And although music has evolved, Bounty maintains his views.

“It’s OK, it’s the new trend. It’s the music for the kids and things have to evolve, but you cannot take it and make it dancehall,” he said.

The deejay also insisted that one cannot simply sing or deejay in patois on a Jamaican beat and claim that it is dancehall or reggae.  

“Is not the language dat make the genre, it’s the groove and the beat and the tempo and the sound. So, not because we sing patois pan a rhythm it tun dancehall,” Bounty said.

Written by Shania Hanchard