Bounty Killer says he regrets making ‘Spy Fi Die’

Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer

Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer is singing a different tune from his defiant stance recently where he asserted that he was “an entertainer, and not an educator”.

It was very somber Bounty Killer who spoke with reporters over the weekend and admitted that he regrets putting out certain songs.

“One of my mistake was to sing seh ‘murder informa, and mi gun nuh join lodge’ and all these things. But I’m growing and I’m learning from that, that’s why I even do a ad recently with the Crime Stop. Those are the initiatives we’re doing right now to establish which side we are on and what way we are going, ” he said.

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He added; “I do regret actions of the past, but it is development. The mistake that you make is just learn you must learn from them and don’t make them again but it’s not a problem to make mistake, the problem is to not learning from them.”

Bounty Killer was one of the many dancehall artistes who were on the defensive over Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness’s claim that the music they release contributes to the country’s crime rate.

And while he didn’t explicitly agree that dancehall music contributes to crime, he disclosed that his growth as an artiste and a man is leading him to assess the impact.

“I’m a different man, I’m a different age, I’m not at the same stage. But I’m still Rodney, I’m still the person who was born on the 12 of June 1972, so I don’t think a person can change, but I’m surely rearranged, I’m stepping different, and I’m seeing thing different, and I’m going about thing different,” he said.