Bounty Killer shows support to Mavado after mom’s passing

Dancehall artistes Bounty Killer (left) Mavado (right)

If there is a silver lining in death, it would be that it sometimes serves to bring the people left behind closer.

After years of a widening bridge between dancehall veteran Bounty Killer, and former Alliance member Mavado, the death of the latter’s mom has Bounty Killer reaching out to him.

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“Jah know star I just want to send my deepest sympathy and condolences to @mavadogully and his family on the passing of his mom. Despite our situation but I know the void and emptiness cause by the loss of a mom it’s a very sad street that we all have to trod one day prayers goes out stay strong,” he wrote on Instagram.

Mavado’s mom, Elizabeth Gordon, passed away at a hospital in Kingston on Thursday (March 11).

Mavado has penned heartfelt messages to her since her passing, describing her as his “best friend”.