Bounty Killer: Still cross. Still angry. Still miserable.

Bounty Killer has certainly grown. Yes he has.

The icon of the dancehall is still cross, angry and miserable but for different reasons.

Bounty Killer at the recent launch of entertainer Notnice (at right).

‘I am in a war against poverty.’

—Bounty Killer

He spoke with BUZZ during the launch of award-winning producer Notnice’s album, King Midas and said he was still the Warlord.

“I am in a war against poverty, a war against division, a war against a lot of things that are wrong,” he said.

His single on the King Midas album, One General, seems set to soar. It is a classic Bounty Killer in which he shows that he has lost none of the verve that has kept him at the forefront of the dancehall business for decades.

“I don’t try to stay relevant, I just be real. If being real makes me stay relevant then so be it. I just be me,” he said.

Speaking to the unity displayed between himself and once arch rival Beenie Man, Bounty Killer said even though they had a lyrical tiff, it was never about malice.

 “It was always about competition and competition makes you stronger. We never took it past the music. We were once rivals but now we are idols,” he said.