Bounty Killer supports Damion Crawford’s stance on dancehall music and crime

Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer is not letting up. He doesn’t believe that dancehall music is a major contributor to Jamaica’s crime rate, and by all indications, will continue defending it.

A similar message purported by People’s National Party (PNP) senator, Damion Crawford was endorsed by the dancehall veteran.

In a interview on On Stage, Crawford told host, Winford Williams that the research does not back up claims that dancehall music causes crime.

“The research shows, in a book called ‘Shift’, that influence can end at a particular level. So a friend might tell me what to drink, but he cannot tell me what to do,” Crawford asserted.

He continued; “Criminal persons may gravitate to violent music but it’s because they are criminal in their intent and so they gravitate to the content of the music.”

“Other persons like myself who listen to it and gravitate towards it may be gravitating towards the metaphors and the rhymes and stuff like that. So the aspect of the music that a criminal gravitates to is because he was a criminal, not because the music transforms him,” he said.

The clip from the interview has been making its rounds on social media and was shared by Bounty Killer on his Instagram account.

“Well said mr @damioncrawford I hope all the band wagonnis can go listen this full interview and stop blame the artist dem for Jamaica’s crime and violence,” he captioned the post.

Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness recently lambasted dancehall artistes for being irresponsible with their lyrical content which is often laced with violence.

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And even Bounty Killer admitted that he regrets putting out certain songs.