Bounty Killer takes jab at Golding, lauds Hanna following PNP presidential election

Did too much stunting cause former Member of Parliament Peter Bunting to lose his seat in Jamaica’s September 3 General Election?

Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer

That’s how dancehall entertainer, Bounty Killer, surmised Bunting’s electoral defeat, an event he rehashed as he took a jab at Mark Golding who emerged victorious following the People’s National Party’s internal election  on Saturday.

Despite Golding’s win, there was no nice congratulatory message from the veteran dancehall act. 

Instead, Bounty Killer congratulated Hanna for her efforts and insinuated that money may have played a role in her defeat.  

Former Member of Parliament Peter Bunting (left) and PNP president-elect Mark Golding

While not directly mentioning Golding, Bounty’s reference to the new party leader’s long-time friend and former banking business partner, says it all.  

“Congratulations same way mi friend @lisahannamp great run a you the ppl dem say him cyaah beat bro so I hope him and buntin who lost bcuz too much stunting can buy out the Jamaican like dem buy out the PNP party,” said Bounty Killer in an Instagram post.