Bounty Killer’s history of domestic abuse still haunts him

Bounty Killer (Photo:

“I used to be cross, angry, miserable, but it put me inna some serious consequences.”

In a voice laced with regret, dancehall veteran, Bounty Killer explained how his past of domestic abuse allegations still affects his present.

The artiste was speaking at a forum for violence against women at Red Stripe offices on Wednesday.

“I get a piece a backlash trying to make a change, trying to be a better version of myself, trying to own up to my wrongs and trying to tell everybody that it is not a good thing, it’s not supposed to happen and please prevent it,” he told the audience.

He said the misguided actions of his past still affect the ones he was supposed to protect the most.

Bounty Killer said his past also affects his children

“Even my kids get mockery at school, and that’s not a good impact on them,” he said.

“I lost my visa 10 years ago also and it was all because of my name in the media implicating me in all those things,” he added.

Now a changed man, Bounty Killer is using his story to encourage other men who are perpetrators of domestic violence to stop.

“I’ve been through the fire and have been purified. Mine was a case weh it never take no lives. But this is becoming a real epidemic now where we see lovers killing each other in their own homes,” he said.

“We need good role models and that’s what I keep searching for, the better version of myself. That’s why I gladly take this opportunity to come in and talk, reason, and see what kind of solutions we can come up with,” the artiste said.