Bow Wow faces backlash for performing at a maskless concert

Rapper Bow Wow

Bow Wow is now dealing with scathing criticisms after he performed for a crowd of mainly mask-less people in Houston Texas.

In the video that is now being circulated online, fans are seeing enjoying themselves in the packed area seemingly not concerned that they are without masks; singing Bow Wow’s songs back to him word for word.

This is the second time recently that Bow Wow was seen in a mask-less crowd. He was recently abroad on a yacht partying it up.

And to say fans are annoyed with the rapper seemingly encouraging this carelessness while coronavirus death numbers continue to climb globally, is an understatement.

They took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

“Imagine being on a ventilator and then dying for a… Bow Wow concert,” someone tweeted.

” I can think of a million better ways to die… but to be struggling on a vent bc you went to see bow wow in the year of our lord 2021…that ain’t it,” another added.

“Going to see Bow Wow in a pandemic, we are stuck in this for a long time. Selfish idiots,” someone wrote.

Bow Wow is yet to respond to the criticisms.