Boyfriend charged for murder of up-and-coming artiste D British

Nicholas Paisley, boyfriend of 19 year old entertainer Patricia Green aka ‘D British’, has been slapped with charges in relation to her murder. He has subsequently appeared in court to answer to charges concerning the matter.

The young and upcoming Artiste was stabbed multiple times and her throat cut in March, in the community of Budhole District, which borders St Ann and Clarendon.

Reports are that the incident took place after an argument developed between D British and Paisley, when she went to pick up the child they shared, in the nearby community of McNie.

Residents indicated to police that they heard screams, following which the body of D British was found. Subsequent investigations by the police revealed that the boyfriend may have been involved and was taken into custody.

The fledgling Artiste was poised to see her career take off, after recently appearing on TVJ’s morning programme, Smile Jamaica. However, her life and career were cut short by the dastardly act, which has plunged her community and Jamaica under a pall of gloom.

Since then persons have been commenting on the tragedy, with one person stating “rest in peace very talented Artiste” while another noted “so sad it’s after your death I hear of you so talented RIP young lady”.

Despite her relatively new career, she had been gaining traction with songs such as ‘Wine It’ and ‘Self Reliant’, with the latest addition to her catalogue ‘Suh Mi Like It’ amassing a little under seven thousand views on YouTube.

Her death comes at a time when several females have been victims of crime and violence, while others face similar challenges.