Shenseea hilariously trolls A’mari who says she tried to make ‘Neko’ her own

There’s never a dull moment in dancehall and today’s latest spat is between Shenseea and A’mari.

Shenseea has responded to artiste A’mari who accused her of trying to make the song ‘Neko’ her own.

While the sequence of events is a little perplexing , it seemingly started when Shenseea innocently posted a video of herself singing A’mari’s song Neeko to social media.

A’mari later responded with her own social media rant, where she said the artistes singing her song should stop and write their own as they did not help her or help to make her. “At the end a the day unu a go thing say a unu mek mi and a the ghetto people mek mi, di goodie dem mek mi…”

Up-and-coming artiste Amari

Well, seems she had more to say on the matter as she added fuel to the fire in a Pelpa Time Production interview shared on YouTube yesterday, September 21.

In the sit-down, Amari said she wasn’t happy with the Sure Sure singer’s rendition of her song, saying Shenseea’s motives were dishonest. “To be honest with you I wasn’t pleased about Shenseea because it was more wanting to take the music from me, wanting to outdo me with my own songs; I could tell the difference.”

She said Shenseea was trying to do the song “her way” to outdo the original.

“Do it her way to outdo mine. And then her fans were writing me and saying I should become a songwriter and let her sing the song cuz she do a better job than me.”

“Mi tell unu bou di duttygyal shenseea enuh! Me nae tell unu???”

– Shenseea

When asked by host Floyd Tekoff what she thought about that, Amari replied, “I think that they are bright and out of order”.

She added, “I don’t think no one could sing that song like I did…because I’m the one who felt the hurt in everything, the song is my baby but she wanted to make the song her own and to use my own song to knock me out and take over.”

A’mari said the reaction by Shenseea’s fans was that she should step away from the track and let more popular artiste have at it.

“They were dissing me and saying it’s a good song but Shenseea should have sung it and not you.”

A clip of the interview was shared to A’mari’s page to which Shenseea reshared to her 2.8 million followers with the caption, “Mi tell unu bou di duttygyal shenseea enuh! Me nae tell unu??? She nuh good!!! DONE AR AMARI!”, adding the hashtag “#MashUpRLife”

Shenseea’s hilarious response to the interview saw many others in the music industry adding their two cents to the clup.

Her manager, Romeich Major said “@shenseea that with you enuh low people” adding “naw listen me but u gwaan a matter of fact me want hear AMARS sing ligther”.

Music acts Stefflon Don, Denyque and Taurus Riley all commented with laughing emojis with diamond-selling act Shaggy adding “Mi a ded!”

Macka Diamond, who Amari said was the first to give her props, also dropped laughing emojis with “omg” added for good measure while popular disc jock ZJ Chrome commented “Lol Y u dweeeeettt”

You can watch the interview below (but the fun starts aroud 20:00)