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BRT Weekend brings the party crowd to Jamaica

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For the first time in its nine years of existence, the BRT weekend is making a stop in Jamaica.

BRT director, Hans Mullings told BUZZ, that the excitement is high for the three days of partying that begins on March 13th at the Pearly Beach Villas in Ocho Rios.

“We’re bringing thousands upon thousands of people to this island that I love so much, to represent and show the best of the island,” he said.

“They’re coming from Chicago, they’re coming from DC, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Bahamas, and Trinidad,”

Hans Mulling, BRT director

“From the emails and from our ticket sales, they’re piling up on top of each other and everyone in the Caribbean need to come out, and party with all these friends that I’m bringing,” he continued.

Hans said patrons can expect exceptional service, first-class entertainment, and just a good time.

“We have to make sure that this one passed the others by a lot, just by visuals, the audio and service. We’ll make sure people get the right dishes and dishes that they’ve never seen or taste before, and show them different parts of the island,” he said.

“You’re getting that getaway, away from work, away from the stress, if you already bought your BRT weekend ticket, you have something to look forward,” he added.

And while the festival has booked dancehall artistes like Sheensea, Daddy1, and Chronic Law, Hans insists their performances will be just a bonus to what BRT Weekend has to offer.

“Customer service is first, great music, and production, after that comes our artistes,” he said.

Adding that he’ll be taking the party to Turks and Caicos in May. “It’s different from everything else, and that’s why we don’t stay in the same place. It’s a travelling vacation, we’re the world’s biggest Caribbean festival tour, and the reason for this is because we keep moving,” he said.