‘Brunch on us, babes’: Heartfelt apology and thanks from Kandi King well-received

Boss babe, Kandi King (Photo: Instagram @kingkandi)

Creator and organiser of Babe Brunch, Kandi King, while thanking patrons for their support for Sunday’s event, offered her deepest apology to customers who voiced great dissatisfaction with the party’s menu.

King, using Babe Brunch’s official social media pages, explained that suppliers fell short on their promises, and, not using that as an excuse for the small meal portions, invited disgruntled patrons to a pop-up brunch at The Porch next Monday (Dec 23).

“I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who came out; those who spent their money and spent their Sunday with us. I am so thankful for the support I received,” she began.

“I also wanted to publicly apologise to anyone who had less than a positive brunch experience. For those of you who did, we will be hosting a mini-brunch at The Porch,” King continued.

“You guys know what happens with events, you have a supplier; the supplier fails you but it’s a learning experience for me. I’m moving on very positively on this end and hope you guys are, too,” she explained.

King’s heartfelt apology was well-received. Jamaicans on Twitter lauded the organiser.

The apology effectively ends what was a bad taste in the mouths of several patrons, who bemoaned Babe Brunch’s menu offerings at the Caymanas Golf Club on Sunday.

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