Brush 1 shifts from high energy to culture on new EP

Dancehall artiste Brush 1 said that the COVID-19 pandemic derailed his plans to release a high energy EP.

Instead the artiste plans on dropping ‘I Am The Road Marshall’ on New Year’s Day, which is a collection of ‘culture’ songs.

When asked about the name of the EP which implies, ‘outside’ in a time when governments are encouraging people to stay indoors, Brush 1 revealed that he’s attempting to bring about a change in how people think of ‘road’ and ‘outside’.

“I want to change the perception of the name. The word ‘marshall’ means to assemble and arrange a group of people, like troops,” began Brush 1 as he sought to explain the EP’s title.

“Now, me can assemble and arrange a group of people whether we on the road or whether we are on the internet. I can influence your behaviour through the music. So I am still a marshall, even though we nuh deh pon the[physical] road, ” he added.

He further explained that the term ‘road marshall’ was more than just ‘high energy’ and ‘soca’ but could represent and reflect culture (conscious) music, as well.

According to Brush 1, he wants to empower people to be the marshall in whatever space they occupy, whether it be physical or virtual, noting that empowerment and spiritual upliftment was needed in a time of crisis.

Speaking about the release date of January 1st, 2022, Brush 1 said it was strategic as he is trying to get fans to start the year off on a positive note.

“The new year is the time of year when we are in planning mode and the four songs on this EP have a consistent vibe and can be impactful in helping to start the year off right,” Brush1 said.

Though his energy songs remain shelved for now, Brush 1 believes there will be an opportunity in the future to release those tunes, adding that he was waiting on a more appropriate time.

“My single ‘Inn A Mi Zone’ a get a lot of love in places like Cayman Islands and Trinidad. I have a next single name, ‘Pilot Driver’ that is going on good in St Vincent. And ‘Doukie Bounce’ still doing well in places like Tokyo and London,” Brush 1 said.

“While the rest of the world is slowly opening up, it is like Jamaica is still on a standstill, so I just didn’t want to drop a high energy project without the foundation (dancehall),” added Brush 1.

Brush 1, whose real name is Romario White rose to attention on the dancehall stage with his 2019 single ‘Doukie Bounce’ which featured Kemar Highcon.

He also hosts Scorched on Fyah 105 FM with DJ Nova.