Bugle throws shade at Elephant Man in latest single?

Bugle has released a single from his Picture Perfect album that is bound to stir controversy as he appears to take a jab at fellow-entertainer Elephant Man.

Bugle chronicles his journey in the music industry in the song titled Life Saviour. Before becoming an established artiste, Bugle wrote for some of the biggest dancehall acts at the time, including Papa San, Bounty Killer and Elephant Man, who he held in high esteem.

In the song, Bugle said he and Elephant Man went on tour in the US and he was given only $2000 (he didn’t specify the currency). He shared in the song that the experience pushed him to move on.

Recording artist Elephant man.

Bugle reportedly wrote seven songs on Elephant Man’s album Log On, which was released by Greensleeves Records. He, however, has not been credited on the album.

Bugle went on to Praise Daseca’s Music Group for the development of his talent, which resulted in his success.

Life Saviour also features Alexander, who sings the hook, and Noah Powah who sang about the struggles of being with the wrong group of friends and going on a robbery before turning to music and acting.

Bounty Killer has since posted three fire emojis on the song on Bugle’s Instagram page, buglean9ted.