Buh-bye, boring tea! Caribbean Dreams Select launches premium line of exotic flavours

Jamaica Teas unveils its latest, tropical-infused Caribbean Dreams Select line on Tuesday in Kingston (Photo: Don Waysome)

Jamaica Teas Limited made an impressive statement on Tuesday (Oct. 1), debuting a tropical yet savoury line of premium herbal teas through its new Caribbean Dreams Select line.

Though traditionally a morning drink, Jamaica Teas mixed things up (literally) last night, with an evening launch of its Caribbean Dreams Select line of exotic, flavoured beverages.

Starting with four flavours

Caribbean Dreams Select boasts four premium flavours, namely Chocolate Mint Truffle, Lychee Ginger, Pineapple Coconut and Apricot Passion Fruit – all of which were well received by members of the press and specially invited guests.

(From left to right) Caribbean Dreams Select’s line of exotic flavours: Chocolate Mint Truffle, Pineapple Coconut, Apricot Passion Fruit and Lychee Ginger (Photo: Don Waysome)

An added benefit is the product can be had three possible ways: hot tea, iced tea, and tea cocktails – can I get a WOW?!

Held at the Janga’s Soundbar & Grill on Belmont Road in St. Andrew, Caribbean Dreams kept the delectable teas, liquor and food flowing all night.

It was surely a playground for Kingston’s corporate and socialite circles as scores of Jamaicans mingled and danced the whole night through.

Food, liquor and most importantly, TEA flowed freely at Janga’s Soundbar & Grill in Kingston for the launch of Caribbean Dreams Select last night (Photo: Don Waysome)

Marketing Manager at Jamaica Teas Charles Barrett said that as the Caribbean’s largest tea manufacturer, the company takes much pride in being innovators in a still traditionally ‘tea country’.

Jamaica still a tea country

Speaking with BUZZ after the fanfare of the reveal, Barrett argued that having been in the business since 1967, Jamaica Teas has been listening to its younger customers, who’ve clamoured for something more than black tea.

Marketing Manager at Jamaica Teas Limited Charles Barrett (Photo: Don Waysome)

“It is a very special occasion for us at Jamaica Teas. It’s very big for us because it now is the start of what we will see as our premium line of teas. We have been listening; good things must not stay hidden,” he told BUZZ.

“We’re happy for the traditional tea drinkers but we have to be including everybody and we recognise that [young people] have different tastes, styles and that is what Caribbean Dreams Select is all about,” Barrett indicated.

Photo: Don Waysome

Like with any company that boasts an enviably rich history, Jamaica Teas felt the time was right to reinvigorate the market, which has seen more variety in the demographic of tea drinkers.

“We needed to tap into the younger demographic; they were drinking differently, they were buying differently. We saw that in our sales,” the marketing manager remarked.

“We still control the market with our Tetley and Caribbean Dreams brands, but we felt that we needed to reach a younger audience, so we needed to [become] more appealing, more interesting and in step with the times,” Barrett added.

Another cool feature of the Caribbean Dreams Select launch was an open ‘mug bar’ where patrons could paint their own mugs to bring home! (Photo: Don Waysome)

At a time when many smaller competitors have risen to the challenge, Barrett told BUZZ that with the responsibility of having the largest market share in the country, Jamaica Teas decided not to cower from demand, but rather steeped their ideas for a stronger reign.

‘Weh boring ah guh??’

“It’s going to be very important because that is going to tell us exactly where our market is. We’re going to be market leaders in the fruits and herbal teas [arena]. It is only fitting to be leaders and that’s what we did tonight (Tuesday),” he said.

“We’re not going to sit down. We realised that for us to survive as a company, we have to keep reinventing. This is our market and we’re doing all we need to reach all persons,” Barrett contended further.

The message to young tea connoisseurs was simple: ‘We heard you and we’re coming’.  

Iced Pineapple Coconut Cocktail? Amen and amen!! (Photo: Don Waysome)

“Tea is no longer boring. Caribbean Dreams Select has what you want and we’re gonna keep reinventing the flavours to make sure that we cater to what you want. We know you’re exciting, and teas can be too!” Barrett told BUZZ.