Buju Banton doesn’t see himself as icon, calls Vybz Kartel a “good guy”

Buju Banton and Vybz Kartel have been in the spotlight a lot lately, but for vastly different reasons.

Buju Banton is having a moment as he celebrates the release of his album Upside Down 2020 and several other achievements since his release from prison.

Banton, who was released from prison in late 2018, is celebrating several wins including the release of his recent album Upside Down 2020, the success of his latest single Blessed, and scoring the cover of the popular Vibe Magazine, all within the past month and a half.

Vybz Kartel, on the other hand, has seen his legal troubles continue as he awaits a possible appearance before the Privy Council, shouldered lukewarm response to his latest album, Of Dons and Divas, and continues to be the center of a growing love entanglement.

However, Banton, born Mark Myrie, still had kind words for the incarcerated artiste when he spoke to Billboard in an interview shared this week.

Incarcerated dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel

“Adi is a good and very talented artist, and he’s one of the most prolific hitmakers since the ’90s — no doubt, hands down,” Buju Banton said adding “Not discounting or taking anything from anyone who is doing their thing, but just to call true true. He’s extremely talented.”

The Wanna Be Loved artiste however said he was saddened by some choices made by the artiste following a conversation had before either imprisoned.

“We had a very long talk a long time ago in a place called De La Vega City. I had just came back from Africa, and since then I am very sad in myself he didn’t listen to what I was saying in that conversation. But Adi, he’ll be OK. He’ll be fine. He’s a good guy. Very good guy,” Banton said.

The reggae icon, at least considered so by everyone but himself, said he was not keen on the title when asked about his relationship with Grammy winner Sean Paul, who reveres him.

“I don’t see myself as an icon. My relationship with Sean is extremely great. I support all my brothers, yes. Since I came back to Jamaica, we been hanging out. When I was in prison, he came to see me. We haven’t tried to be all over each other constantly, crowding each other. But we know we are good and the love is great.”