Buju Banton drops ‘Summer Body’

Buju Banton

Buju Banton has released a potential summer anthem with the track Summer Body. The song was released on Wednesday (July 21) with the Gargamel urging the ladies to go out and enjoy themselves this summer and to show off their bodies.

Summer body gal dem tender, hot an ready/Pretty to a fault, look how long Dem have cutie body lock up inna vault/ a ready gal you ready to let loose and mek the party start,” quipped Buju in the chorus of the track as he demonstrated his flow and lyrical prowess.

This song is certain to have the ladies dancing up a storm!

So far fans have been loving the track with some indicating that it provides nostalgic feel to the early days of when Buju just entered the dancehall scene.
One remarked “This is the Buju I grow up on…Bogle, Big It Up, Batty Rider, Have to Get You Tonight, Look How You Sweet etc.. luv him den, mi love him more now…Buju Banton tuh di wurl mi seh”.
Another wrote “this reminds mi of the old Buju can we get more of this style please it’s missing from our music jah jah” while another commented “boom, sounds like a lost track from Bogle dance days”.