Buju Banton continues to stir the pot: “Are you still sleeping?”

It seems the ‘Gargamel’, Buju Bantion is continuing his campaign of “waking up” the people if his New Year’s message is anything to go by.

Buju Banton

On Tuesday, the Til Shiloh artiste took to Instagram to wish fans a happy New Year but also attached a sort of message when he declared “blessed New Year, greetings good people of the world. Are you still sleeping?” he asked with the caption “let’s start the show” along with a popcorn emoji”.

While he did not point to exactly what he meant, many believe it may be connected to his verbal assault last year against the wearing of masks. “Jamaican people need to wake up. Mi na wear no mask cause mask nuh mek fi man” he had declared.

Further insisting that the authorities were made up of intellectual fools telling people how to live their lives he continued, “wi waa done wid dis mask wearing bullsh-t inna Jamaica. Who fi dead ago dead and who na go dead, haffi jus live”. He went on further to say that the actions of the authorities were forcing people into abject poverty.

His comments drew the ire of a number of people, including his daughters Abihail and Jodian, who were quick to distance themselves from his comments. Other members of the entertainment industry also disagreed with Buju’s comments.

However, fellow dancehall icon, Tanya Stephens, seemingly came to the defence of the embattled singer when she called on persons to think outside the narrative.

Since his latest posts, it has received a number of responses with a number of persons, some being comical, quipping that they have already been woke.