Buju Banton labels Jamaican government as ‘tyrannical’

Buju Banton

The Government of Jamaica has come in for a tongue lashing reggae great Buju Banton labelling their actions in dealing with the spread of the COVID-19 as tyrannical.

In a video circulating on social media, the ‘Gargamel’ was strident in his critique of the Disaster Risk Management Act and how law enforcement was using it as a means to oppress Jamaicans while protecting political interests.

“Memba a we vote oonu in, oonu supposed to run the country for we, no badda switch it pan we.”

– Buju Banton

“The Jamaican constitution does not allow the Government of Jamaica to use the Office of the Prime Minister or any other office to oppress and pressure any citizen, any citizen at all. You Jamaicans better wake up before them. Come kick oonu door one one and do like what dem a do all ova di place,” he said.

Buju was seemingly referencing the recent arrest and charge of man in St Catherine who was held following police officer during an altercation that was also caught on camera.

He also chastised people who criticised others, such as himself, who are seeking to educate persons about what was going on. “But mi notice a trend mi notice everybody that come inna Jamaica and vent the way dem feel, either the Jamaican populace come dung pan dem like we supposed to be sheep.”

He later called on Jamaicans to put on their thinking caps declaring that politicians work for the population and not the other way around. “Memba a we vote oonu in, oonu supposed to run the country for we, no badda switch it pan we” he remarked.

He also accused the government of trying to trick its people as it relates to the vaccinations. “Oonu a tell we bout shot and none a oonu na tek no shot, a who oonu a try fool round ya. Here what gwaan we want see oonu a tek what oonu want the people to get,” following on the current wave of scepticism as it relates to the vaccine to deal with the virus.

He also called for a  relaxation of measures in place that have restricted movement and certain events due to the pandemic.