Buju Banton performs ‘Buried Alive’ on The Daily Show

Buju Banton performing ‘Buried Alive’ on the Daily Show

“I was buried alive, but I’m still breathing, I don’t what tomorrow may bring, but I got a feeling.”

International reggae superstar Buju Banton gave an enthralling performance of his song Buried Alive on a recent episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. The performance, done in an isolated studio, saw the Gargamel belting out lyrics that inspired hope and strength, as the world battles the coronavirus pandemic.

In his interview with Trevor Noah, Banton stressed the appeal of reggae music, and its ability to bring people together.

“This music, a lot of people relate to it, right across Europe, right across Africa, rights across the Americas, but it emanates here in Jamaica, and it must never ever cease from being the conversations starter.

Music is more than something to have you gyrating and dancing, it has those qualities It is those qualities, but it is also the ability for you to think, the ability to learn something from music. I always want music to uplift, educate, stimulate the minds of the people, and we will not cease from doing that because that gives us a tremendous joy,” he said.

Adding that positivity is an essential ingredient in any music he creates.

His album, Upside Down 2020 released in June, was according to host, Trevor Noah prophetically named. But for Banton, him naming the album Upside Down 2020 was no prophecy, just inspiration from God.

“I cannot take credit and say it was a prophetic move on my part, I can say it was inspiration from the great inspirator.”