Buju Banton releases ‘Blessed’ video featuring Koffee

Reggae legend Buju Banton released the captivating video for his track, Blessed yesterday, July 1, less than a week after dropping his long-awaited album Upside Down 2020.

Reggae artiste Buju Banton released the visual for his track ‘Blessed’ yesterday, July 1.

The video, which includes images of protests for racial equality and empowerment, includes a surprise appearance from Grammy Award-winning artiste Koffee.

Banton, in a recent interview with Vibe magazine, had glowing words for the Toast singer, which he repeats in the video during an exchange in a scene with the rising reggae star.

The Gargamel said “So the change that’s going on now, with the youths revolting and rising up all across the world.

Reggae Grammy winner Koffee made a surprise appearance in the Gargamel’s video.

“So Jah said He shall call upon all sorts to do His works you know, he called upon the adults and they failed us, so he decided to call upon the youths. And that’s why we have to make sure that the youths know the right things and stay awake so they can enlighten their generation.”

The lyrics aren’t just a return to form for the artiste, who was incarcerated on drug charges in the United States, they’re a signal that he never left, and continues to be at the forefront of the genre, as he celebrates his achievements despite ill-wishers.

We a strive and reached fi wi goal

Them a fight and spite through them in control

Dem a real a** hole but a long time

We a fight fi a slice of di bread

Them a scheme and a dream and wish wi fi dead

But a God have wi head and a just now

We a scream and a cheer fi di team

Them a plan how fi bench we and them rule supreme

 Like a dem one fi clean

Check out the Blessed visual below and let us know your thoughts in the comments, BUZZ fam!