Buju Banton releases his ‘phone number’ but fans are sceptical

‘Mi nuh trust phone, mi nuh own, mi nuh like it’, but Buju Banton has done just that, and released his number to fans on Wednesday! (Photo: YouTube)

Reggae veteran Buju Banton, arguably one of the most obscure musicians Jamaica has birthed, has fans either scratching their heads or brimming with excitement as he seemingly released his telephone number on Wednesday evening (June 24).

The caption on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts was simple: “Text me”, but for a man that values his privacy many persons are highly sceptical the Miami area code phone number belongs to the artiste.

When the BUZZ team followed the instruction and texted the +1 305-526-4940 number, an automated response was generated.

“You’ve reached I and I! I got your message, click the link to add your contact so we can chat later. Global!” the text read.

A screenshot of the automated response from Buju Banton’s community.com phone number.

Additionally, a prompt to in.community.com was sent, which, when clicked brings persons who text message Banton to sign up on the platform to receive alerts from the Trust deejay.

It’s clear, however, that many persons didn’t follow through with the request, judging from the hundreds of comments.

We can assure you, BUZZ fam, that Community.com is a legitimate platform and not a scam as widely believed. Put simply, it’s a business, in which celebrities are given a phone number for fans to text and engage with.

The landing page, also sent by Banton, redirects fans to community.com where they can sign up to receive alerts from the Jamaican musician.

Just hours away from releasing his 12th studio album Upside Down 2020, Banton continues to shore up anticipation for the 20-track reggae project – released by his Gargamel Music label in Jamaica.