Buju Banton, Tanya Stephens among artistes slamming Jamaica’s new COVID measures

Buju Banton

With the rise in COVID-19 cases, the Jamaican government has sought to implement stricter measures to limit movement over the coming weeks.

For three weekends, beginning this week and including the Easter weekend, tighter curfew measures will see people largely restricted to their homes amid the no-movement orders.

Taya Stephens

However, this has not gone down well with many Jamaicans, including several dancehall acts. Buju Banton has a been a constant critical voice of the pandemic handling, and again sought to add his voice to the matter.

In a video on Instagram the Til Shiloh singer seemingly addressed the latest developments. “Do you get it now. Pray. Go back to God. The true and Living Almighty God. Do you see it now, can you feel it now. Wake up, let’s take back out power as the people” he remarked, captioning the post “Just like in the days of Noah.”

Fellow dancehall entertainer, Tanya Stephens, was more direct in her criticisms.  “5am to noon for shopping. Supermarkets open 9/10. 4 hours of crowding is the solution to covid??? Idiot. Cuss me now. B—dclaat idiot,” she wrote on Instagram. 

She went further to ask “seriously? Oonu still wah pretend da bredda ya a try fix covid??? 5am to noon a literally his words. Watch the apologist spin doctors run in now”.

Bounty Killer was also strident in his reproach of the measures, but moved to offer a solution. On the Zip 103 FM Instagram page, he said , “curfew now helping or curbing Covid close di B—dc–th ports simple unuh putting livelihood over the people lives simple bcuz letting in Covid then lock it down is anot a cure lock it out for a few months and then let’s fight what’s here is the only way to try curb or reduce the cases done talk”.

People have been reacting to these points of view with a number of persons in support of what they are saying. Spragga Benz, who has also spoken against what’s happening, noted that he would be reposting Tanya’s comments. Mr Lexx commented “f–king idiots!!! Kmft” while Sheba stated, “Big stinking hediat”.