Buju Banton tells fans to use the new app called “brain”

Reggae artiste Buju Banton (Photo: Shawn Theodore)

Buju Banton woke up with a message for y’all this morning and ensured it was phrased in a way that you’d find relatable.

“Hey guys, there’s a new app called Brain, everybody should use it! Have a great day,” he posted on his Instagram.

We’re not sure what exactly prompted the Gargamel’s cheeky post. But it comes just two days after the reggae singer doubled down on his skepticism around the coronavirus pandemic.

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In that particular post, Buju shared a story that claimed a “gang” is responsible for the major virus and diseases the world has experienced recently.

“Have a friend in Africa who spent all he had buying gm modified chicken that was deemed safe. All the chicken died, the same sequence of events unfolded across other African and Asian nations. Result H1N1 bird flue,” the posted read.

‘The same gang brought mosquitoes to eradicate other mosquitoes that were also gm modified, results moor malaria and the band plays on.”

It continued; “Now that same gang is pushing YOU KNOW WHAT, what is I told you they own the patent for COVID19….”

Banton captioned the post; “are you still sleeping???”, a question he has been asking for a while now.

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It is safe to say that many in his comments section did not get the reference or deliberately ignored it. If anything, they found his post amusing.

“ThisšŸ‘šŸæ!!! Watch some people run go play store and try download it šŸ˜‚,” one fan commented.

“Is it available on Nokia 3310?,” another asked.

“Some ppl nave nuh storagešŸ˜­,” someone added.