Buju continues with his message

Dancehall icon Buju Banton is back with a message, as he reached out to the masses to wake up from their slumber. 

The ‘Til Shiloh’ artiste, using Instagram, was very concise in his message when he asked “how many will have to die before you wake up” he remarked.

His question follows on his recent line of reasoning that the authorities are putting the lives of the citizens in jeopardy to further hidden agendas.

He wrote in the post “everyone must know they are people everywhere good people who just want to live their lives, no longer should u be made to feel less than a man or woman in the eyes of another no other terms matter, as a man and woman of this earth you have the right to live a right to think a right to choose, for too long those  you trusted have not only deceived u and me, but now they are on a death March, after teaching us who to hate for so many years now we do it without being thought fully trained” he related on Instagram.

He further used the post to call on persons to change and live in unity “We are all one race does not exist politics is the tool of the wicked to divide you along political lines. Today we will love each other we will listen to each other we shall comfort each other be kind to each other let’s raise our vibrations to one of pure love for your fellow man and woman. Let’s rejoin the human family as our creator intends” he continued.

Buju has been a major critic of the policies of the government and others as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, going as far as to chastise the government on plans, which he deems are subjecting the citizens to more poverty.

He has also spoken out against the wearing of masks and other issues and despite being facing criticism, has been receiving a lot of support from some Jamaicans who hold a similar view