Buju makes massive donations to Maroons

Dancehall artiste Buju Banton is getting to be known for his benevolent work which has seemingly continued with his recent donations to the Accompong Maroons.

Over the weekend, the ‘Til Shiloh’ artiste donated some heavy equipment including a tractor and two horses to the Maroon community which has been declared as being quite welcomed by the Maroon Chief Richard Currie.

Using social media Currie issued a statement where he thanked Banton for his generosity.

He also uploaded different media of the gifts including the tractor already being used to carry out work in the community.

“The Government for the State of Cockpit Country continues to express our gratitude to Buju Banton for the unmatched generosity to the development of our government and territory” he remarked.

“Many years have passed with promises from others to help fix our roads and develop our community. Finally there are a few people which the most high creator has blessed with wealth who have decided to uplift our people and territory in a meaningful way” he continued.

He further related that the equipment will become essential for much needed infrastructure work. “Buju Banton has provided a tractor and other heavy equipment to help open roads in our community to access farming lands to enhance our food security. We are also creating a car park to ease congestion in our community. We will be clearing lands to build the first government building- House of Accompong” he added.

In the case of the horses, he notes that they will allow for greater access across the Maroon territories.

“The Government for the State of Cockpit Country would like to thank Buju Banton for providing two (2) beautiful horses that will aid officials to venture across Maroon territories and also be used.for community tours” he highlighted also indicating that they intend to get more horses. 

For Buju, this donation comes just months after he donated his winnings from the 2020 Jamaica Festival Song competition to the Sunbeam Boys Home in St Catherine.

Banton used the JMD $3million dollars prize to outfit the entity with a poultry set up that is expected to benefit the group significantly by providing eggs and chickens which is expected to provide some income for the home.