Buju’s “Champion”? Woman and Buju’s daughter drag each other on Twitter

Buju Banton’s daughter, Abihail Myrie. (Photo: Twitter/Abihail Myrie)

Welcome to social media, where your scrolling experience can reveal a cute pair of fluffy slides, or the daughter of a celebrity and his “champion” dragging each other for the world to see.

Today it’s Buju Banton’s daughter, Abihail Myrie, and criminal defense attorney Tasha Rodney who represented Banton in 2011.

The drama started after Myrie advised folks to wear their masks contrary to her father’s recent controversial statement. Rodney went on the post and commented, “Go study your books and stop allowing them to use you to tear down your father.”

“I don’t even argue on here. But don’t think you’re gonna talk down to me AND mention my good good mom and i not say anything.”

– Abihail Myrie

Myrie clapped back, “And if it is that you were studying yours enough you wouldn’t be on twitter.com advertising your ignorance.”

Rodney then claimed she financially helped Myrie.

“You are the one showing your ignorance,” she said. “Those who want to wear masks are doing so. Before you disrespect me, please send me back every dollar I ever sent you. Please and thanks. By the time I was your age, I already had a degree and was working on my second one but carry on.”

As their back and forth ensued, Myrie spilled some more tea, claiming that Rodney had an affair with her dad.

“Whatever monies you think you have sent Abihail Myrie please to post those as opposed to old photo memories you so sadly hold on to,” Myrie said. “I guess with all those degrees you still couldn’t calculate not to sleep with a married man who at the time had 13 kids and counting.”

But Rodney shared a different narrative.

“You and your mother are still hurt that she couldn’t hold him. Don’t be upset with me. Be upset with him.”

She added, “I’m not Buju’s b*tch dear. And unlike your mother, I never needed him to give me a dime.”

She ended with the hashtag “Buju’s Champion”.

Rodney said she was not deserving of any disrespect as she had only ever been good to Myrie.

“I was always kind to you and did what I could to help your family and was under no obligation to,” she said. “I had great hopes for you and still do. So, please show some respect to your father and me. There is no reason for you to publicly attack him or me. Bless.”

All of this was laughable to Myrie who said she never accepted money from the woman.

“Let me make it clear that I never took a dime from this woman,” she said. “Rude as hell. I don’t even argue on here. But don’t think you’re gonna talk down to me AND mention my good good mom and i not say anything. Go roun gyal. Not one of his wh*res arguing with me.”

She added, “Moved all your sh*t here in Jamaica thinking when he got here he would’ve moved in with you and he didn’t even visit you. Defending a man that doesn’t even want you. Be blessed, champion.”

Of course, Twitter had its say.

“I mean she did poke the bear if we being honest,” one user said in Myrie’s defence.

“Your friend started this. She should have kept her head straight past the post.”

Another added, “IT’S THE BUJU’S CHAMPION FOR ME…. LMAOOOOO she is not okay in the head….”