Bunny Wailer’s son releases documentary about father’s missing widow

Son of late reggae singer Bunny Wailer, Abijah Asadenaki Livingston, has released a documentary about his missing stepmother Jean Watt.

A photo of Bunny Wailer and Jean Watt in happier times.

Watt, affectionately called Sister Jean, was Wailer’s spouse for 50 years. The piece features interviews with members of Watt’s family and Wailer’s children who have been looking for her since she vanished nine months ago.

“She’s a loving and caring person,” Wailer’s daughter Candi said. “She’d probably be out there wanting to go home…probably even be asking for her ‘Brother Bunny’ right now.”

The documentary was published on March 6, four days after Wailer died at 73-years-old.

“My father and Sister Jean’s relationship was not ideal but it was theirs.”

– Bunny Wailer’s son, Abijah Asadenaki Livingston

The family shared that Watt suffers from dementia, a factor which further complexes her missing case. Surveillance footage showed her last leaving home on May 23, 2020 wearing a black top, brown skirt and sandals.

Dr Denise Eldemire Shearer of the Mona Ageing and Wellness Center contributed, “With dementia you have an impaired ability to remember, an impaired ability to think and most importantly, an impaired ability to make decisions. You don’t think straight, you get things confused.”

Wailer’s daughter Sara recalled instances which delineated this.

“Sometimes she’d a left the pipe dem on, left dem running. She’d a wash the same clothes dem over and over on repeat. Every day she’d a leave the stove on. She’d a seh she a bake and she a mix up all sort a ingredients weh a nuh cake ingredients.”

Candi added, “Sister Jean is not aware that she cannot do the things that she used to do that she was younger now so she will leave the iron on or the stove on… I have to be there to go make sure that the iron is plugged out so that she doesn’t harm herself as well as harm others.”

Her niece said she first noticed a change in Watt’s cognitive ability 15 years ago, but that there was no diagnosis at the time.

Reflecting on his father’s relationship with Watt, Abijah said, “My father and Sister Jean’s relationship was not ideal but it was theirs. In their early years they tried but could not have children together based on professional diagnosis… Sister Jean still stood up in her motherly role as my father, like his father, has many children. Even as children we were very much aware of my father’s allegiance to his ever faithful wife Sister Jean who nurtured us as a real mother would.”

Their search has yielded several look-alikes and has expanded across several parishes including Portland, St Mary, St Catherine, Kingston, Westmoreland, St James, St Thomas and St Andrew.

Deceased reggae icon Bunny Wailer

Her family is asking the public to approach her in a friendly way should they see her in public, then reach out to them via 876-850-4403 or 876-819-7581. The million-dollar cash reward still stands for the recovery of or any valid information leading to her recovery.