Bushman expected more from Buju Banton since his release

Reggae artistes Bushman (left) and Buju Banton (right)

While some are hailing Buju Banton’s return to the music scene as one of the best yet, reggae artiste Bushman is not so impressed. He told DJ Double Trouble on Kenya’s Ghetto Radio’s Reggae Kuruka program recently that he did not get the return he was expecting.

“I think my expectations were way too high. I was personally expecting a huge impact, more earthquakes, more lightning, more energy, since his release, but I think he is still rebuilding,” Bushman said.

Buju Banton was released from US Federal Prison in December 2018 after serving seven years. His album, Upside Down 2020 that he released in June debuted at number on the Billboard Reggae Charts.

So, Bushman did admit that “Buju Banton is and is still doing great work in the reggae industry.”

And expressed that he is looking forward to collaborating with Buju Banton.

“Collaborating with Buju again will be great. We still communicate, and for me, I wouldn’t even rush it because I know it will just happen automatically,” he said. “But big up Buju Banton Rastafari”