‘Business is business’: Shenseea says she does not do free promotions

Dancehall artiste Shenseea

Dancehall artiste Shenseea is busy building her brand, and if you think that you’re just gonna piggyback off it, then think again BUZZ Fam.

In a series of Instagram stories, the ‘ShengYeng Boss’ made it clear that she does not do free promotions, simply because they do not benefit her.

“It’s no cocky shit, but I don’t do free promotions,” she said. “For instance, you give me a product, and I use that product. I showcase that product, whether it be a lipgloss, skin product hair product, wig, anything. I use that product, I put it up on my story, or on my page, a lot of persons may see it, and buy it.”

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She added; “So you equals money at the end of the day, and me still equals one product. I don’t benefit from that, and that’s why I don’t do free promotions, it doesn’t work out for me. You give me some money to help you make some money, you know. I like money too! I love money! I want money too!”

Her stories had Shenseea’s Dms blowing, and she shared a few differing opinions and her response.

“We all love money sis, you don’t ever need to explain yourself or feel bad,” one follower wrote in.

“I love helping businesses, but mine will always come first. I work hard to continuously build my brand just like y’all,” Shenseea responded.

She also called out a follower who labelled her stance as “selfish”. “Ain’t nobody can call me selfish, I’m known for giving back. But when you give, give, give, that’s when you allow people to take ADVANTAGE,” she said.

One follower suggested that she buys into a company whose product she believes in, that way both parties benefit. “I’m already doing this. For eg, I’ve helped so many hairstylists and once they got the clients off my promotion I can’t even get them to do my hair no more because of how busy they are and some even start acting different!!! Nope, not doing it again lol,” she said.

She continued; “I have no problem paying for services. Not everyone you help you, some are just opportunists! But I don’t take it personal, BUSINESS is BUSINESS at the end of the day. As an entrepreneur, you just have to learn from your mistakes and build partnerships that ensure that you both win!”