Buss what? Silhouette Challenge is the latest viral hit

The people have spoken, the Silhouette Challenge is this week’s viral sensation.

A ‘before’ and ‘after’ look at the viral Silhouette Challenge.

With creative flocking the platform, and almost no way of predicting what will be the next big thing, Tiktok continues to dominate trends on and offline, with hardly a moment’s rest before the next challenge takes off. Last week it was the #BussItChallenge, this week it’s something even sexier.

The Silhouette Challenge sees participants dressed rather comfortably, usually in a doorway, before the video transitions to dimly lit settings, with sensual moves choreographed to Paul Anka’s Put Your Head On My Shoulder before Streets by Doja Cat kicks in.

It’s not clear who started the challenge but the hashtag reportedly has almost 100 million views, and has been trending on Twitter all day.

While the celebs may still be groggy from sleep, one young starlet, Chloe Bailey, has already dropped her version and it’s something to behold.

In fact, check it out below: