Busy Signal went to a doctor about his love for sardines

Dancehall artiste Busy Signal

Dancehall deejay Busy Signal has always been quite the enigma. He rarely gives interviews, keeps it strictly business on social media, and preserves his air of obscurity with eyewear that never seems to leave his face.

Thanks to British journalist Sharon Carpenter, fans now know more about the man behind the hit records and potent lyrics, like the fact that he’s passionate about sardines.

“I eat sardines a lot, I love sardines,” he told her during a Live interview yesterday. “When I’m on tour we gotta have a suitcase or two suitcases with sardines.”

As if that wasn’t enough to indicate how much he loves that fish, he even sought medical advice about it. 

“Sardine is like the ultimate for me, personally… The way I love it I actually ask my doctor if it’s good and he was like, ‘You know what you saying man? It’s like the best canned food’. The protein level that’s within sardines or the type of thing you get even out of the soya oil, like, I love it. I love it so much. A lot of people don’t know that cause they think Busy is going to get the most expensive salmon, the most expensive tuna… Nah, I’m not that.”

He added that his friends don’t fancy the rawness of sardines so he doesn’t mind buying them lobsters while he whips out a can of his favourite brand. 

“This is probably a free commercial but I gotta have Brunswick sardines in soya oil, I gotta have that… I don’t eat lobster, I don’t eat shrimp. I love sardines.”

He salivated and grew excited as he described how he likes it.

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Busy Signal can’t get enough of sardines and crackers (Photo: Cooking Light)

“I eat sardines and wheat bread… In terms of the sardines, it keeps me going… We have a thing in Jamaica name water crackers… Oh goodness. When you get the sardines and you get the hot peppers, and you get the onions and you do that stuff, yow, yow!”

Okay, so we’re all up to date. Busy Signal loves sardines. Here are some other cool facts he shared about himself:

He prefers in-person interaction: Describing himself as a poor communicator, the Stay Suh artist said he often forgets to respond to messages and isn’t the most ideal smartphone user. He said he’d rather call his friends and link up face-to-face, play some dominoes, run a boat and hold a vibe.

“When I’m on tour we gotta have a suitcase or two suitcases with sardines.”

— Busy Signal

He still doesn’t answer calls from unknown numbers: He said the 2007 track Unknown Number was inspired by real experiences of fan-crazed women and insecure men calling his phone from different numbers. More than a decade later, he still doesn’t pick up.

He loves random road trips: On any given day, expect him to rent a tour bus and hit the road with his crew. The deejay said he enjoys going to new places and taking in nature. He added, “Most of the times I do that I end up with like 500 songs so you know who’s never gonna change.”

He only went to school for one day: Sorta. After his family migrated to the United States in the 90s, he went to Weaver High School in Connecticut but only for one day. “After that I never go back to school, ever… I did not like school, that’s just being blunt.” His dad paid attention to his interests and sent him to a friend with a sound system. It was there that Busy decided to return to Jamaica and pursue a music career. Sidenote, he encouraged kids to stay in school.