BUZZ birthday: Ishawna celebrates 34th birthday

Dancehall artiste Ishawna celebrates her 34th birthday today, September 29.

Ishawna celebrates her 34th birthday today.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic Ms Legendary will be celebrating her birthday a little differently this year as she hosts a sexy Virtual House Party on October 7.

However, her celebrations began much earlier, announcing an endorsement deal with international brand Luxury Roses less than a week ago.

The prolific artiste recently announced a partnership with international brand Luxury Roses.

The Equal Rights artiste has also enjoyed much attention in recent times after she launched her OnlyFans page which she says has already raked in millions of dollars.

And if you’re wondering what to get the girl who already has so much, for her previous birthday the artiste provided a list of items she thought would be ideal gifts including Fendi snealers, a Versace robe and diamond bracelet.

Well, we’re on a strict budget now but since it’s the thought that counts, join us in wishing Ishawna an amazing birthday, BUZZ fam!