BUZZ Black Friday shopping list

Bring on the savings. Black Friday is almost upon us, and many are gearing up to drop wads of cash on their favourite brands. Black Friday falls the day after Thanksgiving (November 29 this year) and the day kicks off the holiday shopping frenzy with deals and slashed prices.

Whether it be a personal purchase or you want to save on a Christmas present, BUZZ is here to help with some tech suggestions for your shopping list.

Smart TVs offer more than just linear channels. (Photo: Best Buy)

Smart TVs

Every year, stores slash prices on televisions for Black Friday. Smart TVs were expensive in the past, but now, as the technology gets more mainstream, prices have fallen. 4K Smart TVs offer stellar picture quality and advanced, modern features. Samsung, LG, Vizio and TCL are some reliable brands to check out. 

Another thing to look for is the technology pushing the pixels. LCD screens are typically less expensive than OLED. However, OLED screens offer a better dynamic range, contrast and usually looks better. Samsung’s QLED displays provide exceptional brightness and colour reproduction but are generally more expensive. Smart TVs may also include third-party, video streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and YouTube, so you’re not stuck on linear TV.

A Soundbar will significantly improve sound quality. (Photo: Sonos)


Anyone who owns a smart TV knows how terrible the built-in speakers can be. Soundbars can turn up the volume. Soundbars are usually bar-shaped devices with multiple speakers that sit below your TV. They sometimes come in one, two or more parts. You can opt for a multi-speaker system that includes soundbar, a subwoofer for bass and other speakers scattered across the room for theatre-like sound. Using a soundbar is infinitely better than the tiny speakers that came with your smart TV.


Is it time for an upgrade? Black Friday is the perfect time to get a new smartphone. Many brands offer discounts and deals that can save you money. Smartphones are essential tech, and we use them for banking, typing and communicating.  So, if your old device lags, shuts off randomly or takes terrible pictures, it might be time to get a new, mint or even refurbished device.

Third-party routers are often better than the ones from your ISP. (Photo: NETGEAR)


Bet you didn’t think of this. Internet access is vital in the modern age. And though your internet service provider gave you their stock router, it’s probably not that good. A third-party router from brands like Netgear, ASUS or TP-Link might mean the difference between buffering your favourite show and streaming perfection.

Some third-party routers offer better range, advanced features like WiFi 6 and the ability to access local storage drives. Can your stock router do that?

Video games are great gifts.

Game Consoles

Video games are prevalent Black Friday purchases. The gaming industry is huge, raking in billions of profits each year. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch will go at it again this holiday season. The consoles and game titles may have huge discounts as the holiday season draws near. Game consoles also make great Christmas presents.

Black Friday brings discounts on many laptops.


Whether you’re a gamer, programmer, or you spend most of your time in Microsoft Word; there’s a laptop for you. There are often Black Friday discounts on Windows PCs, Chromebooks and even Macs. There are numerous form-factors to choose from like traditional clamshell designs and 2-in 1s that can function as tablets. You can get a good deal during the Black Friday period that can save you thousands of dollars. You can use your savings to buy something else.

Black Friday is an excellent time for a new headphone.


Sometimes you want to vibe by yourself without disturbing those around you. Black Friday brings savings on headphones too. There are over-ear, on-ear and in-ear designs to choose from, not to mention noise-cancelling options to keep out ambient sounds. The possibilities are many.

The list above is not exhaustive. There are many more things to consider. Stay tuned for more in-depth holiday gift guides and alternative tech that can save a dollar this holiday season.