BUZZ Review: 365 DNI – I’ve seen better acting on Pornhub

Laura knows Massimo wants her and relishes in teasing him

365 DNI. If you haven’t watched it, then you’ve probably heard about it, or seen the many posts about it on social media. It’s the latest Netflix craze said to rival the award-winning, sometimes cringe-worthy, 50 Shades of Grey. 

The Polish film stars newcomer Anna-Maria Sieklucka as Laura Biel and small-time actor and model Michele Morrone as Massimo Torricell – the hot and dominant Italian mafia leader.

We’re introduced to the mafia lifestyle in the beginning of the film, and are witness to a meeting between Torricell mafia and some black market dealers who want to sell them children. Massimo’s father is the one brokering the deal and outrightly refuses to take part in such a despicable act. He hands the meeting over to his second and walks over to his son, Massimo, who is busy admiring a beautiful woman on the beach through binoculars (some people may say that’s cute, but…).

Anyway, moments later, shots start firing and we are left to only wonder what exactly went wrong. Massimo’s father is shot; it looks like Massimo is also hit, as he falls to the ground, and has only the image of the beautiful woman on the beach in his mind to keep him alive. Totes realistic.

Netflix's 365 Dni: Probable Sequel and Ending Explained - DroidJournal
Massimo has found the woman who ‘saved his life’

Massimo’s father dies, and the directors decide not to show us how Massimo and the other Torricell mafia members made it out alive. Ah well…

Fast forward five years, and the beautiful woman on the beach is revealed. She’s Laura, a high-powered Polish woman with a heart condition working in the luxury hotel business. She’s sexually frustrated in a relationship with a man who barely notices her. On her 29th birthday, she travels to Sicily with some friends and her boyfriend. But things took a dramatic turn when she’s kidnapped by Massimo, who has spent five years looking for her – the woman he believed saved him. 

The now borderline obsessed Massimo, tells Laura that she has 365 days to fall in love with him, and if she doesn’t, he’ll let her go. He also promises not to touch her until she wants him to. Soon, the once frightened Laura decides to make the best of the warped adventure life has given her. She revels in spending Massimo’s money, and takes great pleasure in teasing him sexually. Both engage in a tantalising back and forth, with Laura and Massimo’s emotional and physical walls eventually crumbling after their drawn-out battle of seduction fuels their desire for each other.  

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The couple’s drawn out seduction game culminates in a disappointing finish

As soon as Laura lets Massimo in (literally) she falls in love (62 days later). But after doing an OK job of building some suspense to the couple’s first sexual encounter, viewers are subjected to an incredibly drawn out and cringe worthy sex scene that directors must have copied and paste from Pornhub itself. 

Massimo had asked Laura to “teach him to be gentle” earlier, so it was expected that their first sexual encounter would have been a little different from what he’s probably used to. But watching this scene, it was clear where the directors got all their sex education.

English Subtitles “365 Days (365 Dni)” (2020) Ultra-8kHD Movie
Massimo is used to getting his way

If the film was trying to borrow from 50 Shades of Grey, it failed miserably. That film, at the very least, had a plot that made sense. But 365 DNI plays on archaic gender stereotypes that lack integrity. Laura, once a powerful dominant career woman, is reduced to a puppet trapped in a ‘golden cage’, pregnant, and engaged to a man she really knows nothing about. Massimo on the other hand, is not blessed with a single ounce of character development throughout. 

The film is an erotic thriller, and directors and writers basically came to a mutual agreement that the eroticism was all they needed to focus on. Everything else; writing, acting, cohesiveness of scenes, character development, were thrown out the window.

Admittedly there was great camera work, good visuals, and the directors were successful in making viewers want more. Although for some, ‘wanting more’ was underpinned by an incredulousness that that was what time was spent watching. Truth is, if it weren’t for the sex scenes, which you can watch on Pornhub any day, nobody would be talking about this movie.