BUZZ Review: A ‘heartbroken’ Buju Banton taps on John Legend to win back his love in ‘Memories’

Photo: Apple Music

I don’t think it’s too late, Buju, win her back!

That’s the mood of Memories, Banton’s latest single which was released at midnight on Friday, May 8. The first preview of Upside Down 2020 offers much promise.

The single, filled with the familiar rootsy undertone that has made the Gargamel one of Jamaica’s top musicians, is a four-minute-long Reggae ballad, and shows a vulnerable side to a heartbroken Banton.

Memories, which borrows sweet R&B influence from American crooner John Legend, may just be the perfect reintroduction of Buju into mainstream US airplay.

Always the communicative artiste, the song lays all of Buju’s emotions raw as he refuses to let the strained relationship die.

“Treasure yuh body but I cherish yuh mind, even though it’s complicated which is most of the time. A life without yuh love ain’t working out fine. Perception and reality clearly defined,” okay, who hurt Uncle Buju??!

Hear him out, BUZZ fam, the man is belting out his heart to this woman who seemingly won’t give him the time of day anymore.

“A bet yuh neva know di love mi hav inna mi heart, we make simple mistakes tear us apart.

We live inna di same house and we nah talk. We used to be on now we totally off. How I wish this was never our past, oh, there is no love lost!”

— Buju puts it all on the line in the second verse of Memories.

I must say, John Legend was just perfect for the chorus, a wonderful balance between his sultry voice and Banton’s rawness.

Well, have you heard Memories yet, BUZZ fam? Sound off in the comment section and tell us what you think!!