BUZZ Review: Burna Boy, Serani & Jeremih deliver musical perfection on ‘Secret’

Burna Boy (left) out the blocks with a banger, borrowing on the talents of Jeremih (centre) and Serani (right) in ‘Secret’ (Photo: YouTube)

The Secret is out, BUZZ fam and I won’t keep it anymore!

♬♬And I know I wanna spend more time♬♬digesting this gem of a video…

It’s Afro beats meets Dancehall meets R&B as Nigeria’s Grammy-nominated superstar Burna Boy teamed up with Jamaica’s Serani and American singer Jeremih in his latest mega-collaboration.

The single, from the highly acclaimed African Giants project, was released last Friday (Jan. 24) and is such a rewarding trip.

Choreography on point. Burna Boy commands the beat and the outfits are a whole MOOD.

Secret definitely has a psychedelic feel to it and the video doesn’t shy away for being in your face.

Burna Boy in a scene from ‘Secret’ (Photo: YouTube)

“Can you keep a secret? Shhh. For a long, long time. When you’re awake or sleeping, say my name no time. I know you want to be mine, baby o, but I got my wife. I know you want, you want to be my wife,” Serani contributes to Secret.

Okay, so while the tone of the song hints on infidelity, did they HAVE TO make it sound so appealing?


Please send help, because if this continues to hit me in the feels, then I could be inspired to cheat on the relationship that doesn’t even exist for me.

It’s not hard to see why each genre has done well individually, but what a blessing to hear them all blend in this way!

Serani, you’ve been absent for far too long. This was very needed.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the video below: