BUZZ Review: Dalton Harris shows his vulnerable side in ‘CRY’

Jamaica’s very own Dalton Harris sheds his emotions in fresh single, CRY, out now! (Photo: YouTube)

Dalton, you better slay us again with that voice!

Okay, so I think I can speak on behalf of all us anxious fans that the wait for new music from 2018 X Factor winner Dalton Harris is officially over…

Don’t cry, Dalton! (Photo: YouTube)

BUZZ fam, the eargasms in Harris’ latest single, CRY, will send tingles down your spine; and it doesn’t hurt that the visuals are absolutely STUNNING.

Just two hours after an earth-shattering performance on X Factor on Sunday (December 15), Dalton dropped CRY‘s official music video on his YouTube channel.

Dalton looks so goodt. Serving body AND vocals, whew chile!

*sweats* The 2018 X Factor winner shows off that Clarendonian diet (Photo: YouTube)

The entire three-minute and 16-second video is rich with artsy imagery and a seemingly broken Dalton Harris – reeling from a breakup.

Back to the start, we’re strangers again. Like Venus and Mars, I’m losing my friend,” he sings.

Give him another chance, girl!

Cry cause we’re over, you made up your mind. My heart’s in your bed, it’s no longer mine.”

You really gonna do mans like that?

Artsy yet vulnerable, Dalton Harris bears it all in CRY (Photo: YouTube)

“I have trouble sleeping, but you’re doing fine. If missing you’s a crime, then I’m guilty.”

— A line from Dalton Harris’ new single, CRY

A silky-smooth sound and those high notes?? Ugh, Jamaica’s pop prince makes it seem so easy.

Hitting ’em high notes like they’re nothing…YES, Dalton, CRYYYYYYY (Photo: YouTube)

You can tell just from the audio-visual delivery that Dalton worked tooth and nail on this project, which he confirms in an Instagram post on Monday (December 16).

“I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting this morning. I’m so grateful for where I am right now, mentally & musically, but it didn’t come without hard work and determination. I can’t believe CRY is finally out for the world to enjoy!” Harris told his more than 210,000 fans.

Check out the video below:

Well, BUZZ fam, what do you think of the video? Are you as hyped as we are for Dalton’s forthcoming album?? Sound off the in comments section.