BUZZ Review: Demaro, we need to talk about ‘Mi Readi’

Are you ready, Demaro? Are you really? I- I need a moment. (Photo: YouTube)

Demaro, come ‘ere…

You get a platform as a gay Jamaican taking on the music industry and THIS is what you do with it?

Come gwope, tun back inna di studio hunty, this nuh ready.

The big, Billboard-endorsed premier single from Demaro Brown, ‘Mi Ready’, hit YouTube on Wednesday (January 1) and let’s just say it needed more time to get prepared.

This isn’t about your sexual orientation. Objectively, the single lacked any creativity The Gays™ are known for (no shade…well).

*sighs* I’m trying here, help me out Demaro! (Photo: YouTube)

Pack up the washer, dryer, the outfit, that horrible twang and the disappointing bars – we’ll take the beat since it was the only thing that slapped, other than your body.

I’m all for representation in music, but this was so disappointing, artistically.

The only moment worth mentioning: Demaro having some fun with Jamaican drag performer Jahlove Serrano in ‘Mi Readi’ (Photo: YouTube)

You mean to tell me, Demaro, ‘Mi Readi’ took you 45 minutes to write and NO ONE said to themselves (and to you), “You know, this could use a lil something more?”

What was that token Rastaman for? 🗣️🗣️The video was shot in New York City, doh play wid me!🗣️🗣️

Where was the fun, where was the face?

Look what you made me do, Demaro. *Tyra Banks voice* I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you, HOW DARE YOU!? 🗣️🗣️Learn from this!!🗣️🗣️ (Photo: YouTube)

The Gays™ are known for their ego and untouchable sense of style and this nearly three-minute video made my ears and eyes bleed.

Okay, maybe I’m being too harsh…

Maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg and Demaro is gonna ruin our lives with his next project.

After all, your interview with Billboard was so amazing.

Alright BUZZ fam, tell me what you think of Demaro’s debut single ‘Mi Readi’ below: