BUZZ Review: Jada Kingdom’s lyrical bomb ‘Shen-Heng’ is savage!!

Jada Kingdom (left) and Shenseea (right) renew their feud at Saturday’s Red Bull Culture Clash (Photo: Ryan Mattis, Red Bull Content Pool)

“You’s a bitta chile, tek set pan mi all di while but dis time around you did affi get stung,”

— Excuse me, Jada, please tek yuh time!

I don’t even have the condition but pass mi asthma pump.

YOOO! This is exactly what I love about Dancehall.

“You’s a big coward groupie, everybody know mi unruly, tru mi silent dem nuh know who me. Yuh likkle lame freestyle neva move me…”

— Jada Kingdom in ‘Shen-Heng’

Jada Kingdom held nothing back from the just-released Shen-Heng diss track as her feud with fellow female Dancehall artiste Shenseea heats up.

BUZZ fam, this ‘beef’ is fattening by the minute!

Everyone who can remember 2008’s Last Man Standing, knows the effect that had when Vybz Kartel dropped a song hours after clashing with Mavado at Sting.

Now, while not on the same scale as the glorious warring Gaza-Gully era, Jada Kingdom’s response was mostly solid, after the two traded words recently at the Red Bull Culture Clash at the National Arena.

The official audio, which dropped Monday morning, was laced with several hard-hitting lines.

Screengrab from Jada Kingdom’s fresh ‘Shen-Heng’ single (Photo: YouTube)

How it all started…again

Okay for some context, the two have been fierce rivals for years, but things escalated at the Red Bull clash when Shenseea, a surprise performer for the Romeich Entertainment team, hurled many insults at Jada Kingdom.

Donning the name ‘Shensaw’, the self-proclaimed Dancehall princess slammed her rival as ‘Jada Kongdum’ while singing on the beat for Jada Kingdom’s Banana single.

Now on Monday, after teasing the song on Instagram, Jada dropped Shen-Heng!

Don’t get me wrong, the song was pretty solid overall. The two-minute track has a wicked beat, Jada’s singing voice pushing ‘badness’ is a nice shift and I’m loving the vitriol-rich energy, but the venom weakened in some parts.

“Likkle Miss Chin affi get di beng, Ding Dong coulda send bout a dozen Yeng Yeng, Shen still a get heng, infront har mawga fren,” Jada sang, adding, “Mi nuh back from nuh gyal cause mi nuh weak wid defense, yeah.”

“Di only ting rough bout yuh is yuh gunman voice…” – and just like that, I was inconsolable!

“Mi nuh get fi wul yuh yet so mi a improvise,” Wait. Is she taking about an in-person fight?

“She seh fi meet har outside, but when mi reach a bere *&^%claat security,” Jada Kingdom, seemingly responding to a tweet from her rival on Sunday, in Shen-Heng.


Listen to me!

Woii, mi need surgery. The memes responding to the diss track have been mixed, however, Jamaicans (like myself) are keen to see what will be Shenseea’s reply, if any.

But let’s be honest here, social media jabs are one thing. Calling out a rival at a sound system clash, in front of thousands is another.

You better be in that studio, Shenseea!

Shenseea, I beg, tek yuh time and drop one back. But it better be good, ’cause the momentum is in Jada’s favour right now.

She (technically) has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We await the ShenYeng boss. Over to you…