BUZZ Review: John Legend & Koffee fight for love in ‘Don’t Walk Away’

Koffee and John Legend vibing on their fresh collaboration, BUZZ fam!

There’s just something about a man refusing to let a good woman to leave his life (with good reason, of course), and R&B songbird John Legend is in his element on the fresh, Koffee-fuelled collaboration, Don’t Walk Away.

Don’t Walk Away, the 12th listed song on Legend’s just released Bigger Love album, is a reggae-infused ode to saving love and it’s definitely BUZZ-worthy!

“I ain’t leaving, I ain’t leaving, I ain’t giving you space. I will not be replaced, I don’t wanna save face,” yes John, fight for her!

Apart from lending her singjay talents to the nearly four-minute track, Koffee is also credited as co-writer alongside Jamaican producer Stephen Di Genius McGregor as well as John Legend and ROC Nation signee Kirby Lauryen.

With McGregor commanding the beat, the song flows effortlessly between being serious all while giving you the familiar Jamaican reggae feel.

I dunno if it’s the pairing of Koffee and Di Genius but her verse adds to the song without taking away from the Raggamuffin’s signature style and tone.

“Take, take, take time, fragile is my love. I ain’t nevergivin’ up.
Give you my life, I would. I’ll stand by you, bad times and good.”

— Koffee’s opening lines in ‘Don’t Walk Away’, from John Legend’s 2020 album ‘Bigger Love’

If you were thinking about leaving a great relationship, and don’t want to go out with a whimper BUZZ fam, take a listen to Don’t Walk Away. It can be fixed, talk through the rough patches. As Koffee and John have shown, you can fight for it. Fight for them. Fight for love.

Now, onto more pressing concerns: When’s the music video coming out??!

Well, how are we feeling about new Koffee music?