BUZZ Review: Shakira & JLo deliver colourful Latina vibes at Super Bowl LIV halftime show

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez perform at the Super Bowl LIV half time show in Miami on Sunday

Fourteen minutes. Two pop superstars.

The stage was set for American football’s biggest night in Miami, Florida. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were great at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show… for the most part.

Shakira was up first, and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed her set.

Straight to the point, the Colombian songstress opened the night with Shewolf before borrowing the talents of a live string quartet to perform her hit single Empire.

Can we agree that Shakira is body GOALS?!!

Shakira! I need you to whisper the location of the fountain of youth, quit being a meanie. The close-up was aging GOALS, honestly. UGH.

She might be 43 years old, but those hips are still spritely – that sensual solo was everything…

YAASSSSS hunty, you betta charm those snakes!

If you didn’t already know at this point, Whenever, Wherever, arguably, Shakira’s greatest hit bombarded me with happy nostalgia.

A guest appearance by Bad Bunny doing a rendition of chart-topping Cardi B song I Like It was not very pleasurable I must say.

Shakira was trying a little too hard to be sexy and it made me cringe violently.

Make it stop. Please, be normal.

She then performed Chantaje (without Maluma though 😞😢) and as much as I liked it, the Latina appeal had waned somewhat. Honestly, I needed it to end before my face was permanently affixed as a wince.

And then, Shakira pulled out the big one: Hips Don’t Lie – but, but wait. Wh- Is she crowd surfing?

Okay, I changed my mind, you need TO GO Shakira, imma keep it real with you.

Jenny From the Block was up next and of course, she starts in leather.

‘Jenny from the block’ came out strutting in leather.

NFL, help me to understand something – is this what we’re really doing now? Capitalising on nostalgia?

Never mind that JLo hit me right in the feels with Get Right and YES. The contrast, the choreography, everything was on point and much appreciated.

Forget her age, Jennifer was really having fun on stage and I can’t be mad at that. Both artistes promised more diversity in their performances and it was delivered IN KIND, so kudos to y’all.

Channelling her role in Hustlers, JLo then got on the pole and SWUNG for her LIFE!

Guys, pole dancing has come such a long way. From something “only strippers” do, to being on national television at the Super Bowl. *weeps happy tears*

Waiting for Tonight was the number she performed, and the sheer number of extras was making me claustrophobic, but in a good way.

Colombian Reggaeton singer J Balvin then joined JLo on stage for a re-worked version of Booty, Love Don’t Cost a Thing and Mi Gente and I was loving every minute of it.

Come thorough wid di Dutty Wine!!!

I was reminded why On The Floor was such a huge song, but where was Pitbull, Jennifer?

It’s ironic Mr. 305 was noticeably absent from MIAMI of all places, I need answers…

Aww, BUZZ fam!

They even had a message of cultural unity and my heart nearly exploded when I saw Emme Maribel Muñiz singing with her mom on stage.

Guyssssss 😍😍

The two, surrounded by smiling children and with Shakira on drums, belted out Let’s Get Loud and did they!

Strutting in an American flag that doubled as the flag of Puerto Rico – if it wasn’t already clear, these Latina beauties were sending a message and many of us were listening.

All in all, I enjoyed the halftime show for what it was at the roots: diverse, energetic, colourful and (mildly) entertaining.

Check out the full performance below: